Shortly after I was engaged whilst browsing through a bride website app, I seen a beautiful wedding dress & thought “oooh I like that” & saved the image but didn’t think to write down the name or anything at the time!! Months later when it came to choosing a dress I just couldn’t find “the one” I was always drawn back to my saved image but just couldn’t find it anywhere.

One evening, having one of my moans/rants to my lovely colleague Rebecca about what I was trying to find she said she’d send me a link for a designer she knew off where they can chop & change material to suit what I would like & it was on this link browsing through dresses that I seen one almost similar to “my dress”
Told Rebecca & she said “oooh here is another link to a designer which is similar” & when I clicked on the link, what popped up but only my dress. I just couldn’t believe there it was.
Rebecca also told me the designer had an offer on at the time & sent me the discount, so I made an appointment the next morning for the following Saturday & “My beautiful Clementine” dress was even more beautiful on that I could have imagined, she was definitely the one & it was all thanks to my angel Rebecca for finding it for me 🙂 🙂
Without her God knows what I would have ended up wearing but thanks to her 4 weeks ago I had the most perfect day in my perfect wedding dress.
She also helped me with lots of wedding invitation ideas, she always let me know when a wedding fair/event was coming up & was always there with a listening ear for me.
She is a beautiful bubbly & fun person, inspirational, highly organised, full of wonderful ideas & tips, & I cannot recommend her enough.
Thank you once again Rebecca for finding my perfect dress, making my perfect wedding day!!!

Maria - picture property of bride & groom

Picture property of the bride & groom