A modern moroccan styled shoot | The Wedding Spark and Philippa Sian Photography

A modern moroccan styled shoot

Hi there lovelies,

Today we’re beyond excited to be sharing some stunning images from a recent shoot we put together with the super talented Philippa Sian Photography. Styled shoots like this allow suppliers to get together and go all out creatively, putting together themes and looks that (we hope) will get you drooling and fire up your imagination. They’re brilliant Pinterest fodder for when you’re planning your wedding and the looks you’re after, and for suppliers like us they’re great fun as well. Often, wedding creatives will have a fabulous idea for a look they want to achieve, but will need to find a dream team to pull it all together. That’s where we come in! Our supplier matching services can be put to work on editorial shoots as well as beautiful weddings. There are some seriously talented people out there in wedding world, and we want to showcase their talents and get them on your radar, so watch this space for more styled shoot action!

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