Origami Love

So it’s a little thing called Valentine’s Day tomorrow and in true Wedding Spark fashion, we thought we’d show you how to add a little craftiness to your day with these cute origami hearts.

So grab your origami paper and let’s get folding! 

Origami Love - steps 1 and 2

STEPS 1 & 2
Take your origami paper, white side facing up, and fold horizontally and vertically

Origami Love - steps 3 and 4

Now, still with white side facing up, take the bottom and fold up to the half way mark

Now turn the paper over so the pink side is facing up. Take the right corner and fold into the middle vertical crease

Origami Love - steps 5 and 6

Do the same on the left hand side. You should now have something that looks like the above pic

Flip the paper back over so the mainly white side is facing up. Now take the top right corner and fold it down into the middle vertical crease

Origami Love - steps 7 and 8

Do the same again on the left hand side. Your paper should now look like the picture above

Now this is the tricky bit. You now need to fold the top point down to the very bottom point.
BUT you need to fold it so the white triangles on each side are not folded.
This may take a few tries, but be patient and careful and you will manage it

Origami Love - steps 9 and 10

STEPS 9 & 10
These steps are optional.
For a more clean heart you can take the fold you did in step 8 and actually fold it into the bottom flap.

Origami Love - steps 11 and 12

Next fold the white triangle on the right inwards.

Repeat on the left hand side

Origami Love - steps 13 and 14

STEP 13 & 14
Now to make the tops of the heart
Fold each side to make a pointy shaped heart, like above

Origami Love - steps 15 and 16

STEP 15 & 16 
To finish the heart off fold the very top of each point to square off slightly

Turn it over and there you have it, your very own origami heart….

Origami Love - Result

Cute aren’t they?!
And how about using them in your wedding day? We loved using them to add a pop of colour to a recent nordic styled shoot we styled.

Featured Image - editorial-london-heart-aflutter_Table Setting_Photography by Jesus Caballero (http://jesuscaballero.com/)


Have a fabulously romantic weekend guys

Big crafty love
Rebecca xx


Styled shoot photography from Jesus Caballero
How-to photography from The Wedding Spark

Calligraphy by Oh Wonder Calligraphy
Florals by Pots in Bloom

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