Let there be light… our favourite twinkly looks

Hi lovelies,

I don’t know about you, but this week is really feeling…January-ish. I’m either too cold outside or too hot-and-itchy-eyed from central heating, and I really miss how festive everything looked a month ago. When Christmas decorations come down, everything always just looks a little sadder – no winking lights from people’s windows as you pass, no gold-garlanded bridges or street lamps. Sigh. Thankfully though, you don’t have to be in the countdown to the holidays for things to get all twinkly at your wedding. Repeat after me: Fairylights are not just for Christmas!

So, here are some of our favourite lighting looks to get you feeling inspired, and bring back some of that inner glow in case you too are feeling the January blues…


Oldies but goodies. They might not be the most avant garde of decorations, but they don’t half wow when used in numbers. We  love them festooned across a ceiling but we a-d-o-r-e  the enchanted feel of them wrapped around branches or captured in domes.

Image sources clockwise from top left:

Image sources clockwise from top left: Cathy Dudzinski; Restoration Hardware; Steven Michael via Ruffled; Faerie Mag


You don’t need us to tell you how romantic candlelight is, but if we could just gesticulate vigorously towards these photos and beg of you to use your venue’s staircases to their full potential that would be great! Thanks! We’re going to go swoon now.


Oh these versatile little beasties can be such decorating gold. Pop tea lights in them and rack ’em up for an easy and twinkly fix, or else get seriously creative. Mason jar chandelier or homemade glow stick fairy dust anyone?!

Image sources clockwise from left:

Image sources clockwise from left: Alexander James via French Wedding Style; Intimate Weddings; Indeed Decor


These are so on trend right now, and they make a ‘big wow’ statement, whether you choose to go freestanding and fabulous or get flashy with neon. What would yours say?

Images sources, clockwise from top left:

Images sources, clockwise from top left: Typical Type; Sarah London via Doris Loves; D’Amor Photography via Confetti Daydreams; Etsy

So what do you think? Leave us a comment below and let us know how you’re planning on lighting up your big day. And if you’d like help in how to create a wedding wow, why not drop us an email? We’d love to lend a hand with some ideas.

Love and light,

Jen xx

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