Another year over, a new one just begun…

Hi lovely ones,

Well, we’re here, it’s New Years Eve! I hope you’ve all had brilliant Christmases. To any of you who are now sporting a slightly heavier and sparklier left hand after the festive season – CONGRATULATIONS, and welcome to the fabulous and bonkers world of weddings, we think you’re going to love it, and should things ever get a little on the stressful or faff-laden side, then we’re always only an email, tweet or Facebook message away, and we’d love to help. 

For us, 2015 has been a busy and exciting year, and it seems to have zipped by at an incredibly speedy pace. It really doesn’t feel very long ago at all that Rebecca and I were sitting in a cafe in Shoreditch brainstorming ideas for our new business over plates of  french toast, and scribbling thoughts down as fast as we could as ideas kept exploding out of us!  We’re very proud of what we’ve achieved this year – launching The Wedding Spark alongside our full-time jobs, meeting some wonderful couples and getting our craft on for their gorgeous wedding celebrations – but we are both feeling fired up about the challenges and developments that next year will bring for us.

We can’t wait to meet new couples and help them create weddings that reflect their love in all its forms, and we have no doubt that each wedding we’re involved with, no matter how big or how small, will leave us feeling inspired and ready to get even more creative – it’s a rather wonderful circle that way!

Outside of The Wedding Spark,  we’ve each got some resolutions for the coming year as well.

Jen is self confessedly a bit rubbish at sticking to resolutions, but she normally goes for the ‘give up such and such,’ ‘lose xx pounds’, ‘be better at x, y and z’ type promises, which are all rather restrictive and can feel a bit punishing. So this year, she’s decided the following:

  • After ogling the beautiful hand lettered offerings all over Pinterest and Instagram, to take up brush lettering as a new hobby, but not to exert enormous pressure on myself if everything turns out wonky and a bit hopeless! (As an aside, to remember that hobbies are supposed to be fun, and shouldn’t be something to beat yourself up about!)

    Image source:

    Image source: Random Olive

  • To do less. This one’s the big one! This year has been enormously rewarding and full of a lot of brilliant things, but I have spent much of it spread far too thinly, and often find myself feeling exhausted and run down. So, time to take control! I have invested in a gorgeous year planner from Emily Ley, and plan to be much more ruthless with my time management. Fewer weeks where I look at the calendar and think ‘oh GOD, I’m out every night this week’ and more time spent on the projects I really care about. And, crucially, more quality time to spend with Matt – my husband and partner in crime.
Image source: Lee Allen Photography

Image source: Lee Allen Photography

Rebecca is also looking to expand crafty horizons and take it a bit more easy on herself in terms of resolutions. The start of the year shouldn’t be about feeling guilty or austere – it’s cold and dark and probably raining, and so curling up on the sofa with a large quantity of chocolate and a new-but-gentle creative project should be applauded, not tutted at!

  • I’m jumping on the origami train for 2016. After receiving these gorgeous make-your-own lanterns for Christmas (thanks, Santa), I’ve been inspired to try out other fabulous folding techniques, and broaden The Wedding Spark’s origami repertoire.2015-12-30_0003


  • 2016 is also going to be the year of the bookworm – I’m planning to read more books across all sorts of genres this year. Getting lost in a good book is a hugely important way to spend a few hours, and I’m really looking forward sharing some recommendations for darn good reads! I’m going to get started with another fab Christmas pressie, the hilarious Tequila Mockingbird – Cocktails a Literary Twist – all literary ambitions should start with a suitable beverage, don’t you think?!

We wish all of you an inspiring, ambitious, creative, determined, peaceful and most of all happy New Year. Come at us, 2016, we’re ready for you!

Lots of love

Jen and Rebecca xxx

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