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Happy Sunday, lovelies. Hope you’re all well. I am bamboozled by how warm it is, and blaming the unseasonal weather on my lack of organisation in the way of Christmas prep. If anyone else is in the same boat, and having that ‘oh my word it’s actually Christmas THIS WEEK and I’ve got people coming and there’s so much to do andandand aaargh’ realisation, then fear not! Help is at hand for you today to make festive entertaining a breeze. Please give a very warm welcome to the first of our fabulous guest posters – the lovely Helen from Pudding Bridge.

Festive Entertaining from Pudding Bridge - Image by Capture by Lucy

Hello and I’m so excited to be here today on The Wedding Spark to get you all prepped for some perfect festive entertaining. Hosting get-togethers over Christmas and New Year is definitely one of the joys of the season but I know it can be stressful, tricky and can sometimes leave you wanting your bed rather than your party shoes!

I love a good bash (which is one of the reasons why I founded my company Pudding Bridge) and this year, I’ve put all my best ideas, hints and tips together in an online tutorial pack, Creative Christmas Entertaining Made Easy, that gives you everything you need from crafty DIYs to recipes and planning aids. Today, I’m going to point you in the direction of a great Christmas party with some tips and tricks so, without further ado, let’s get this party started…

Festive Entertaining from Pudding Bridge - Image by Capture by Lucy


Now, even if we’ve not met before, I’m your new BFF when it comes to festive entertaining. I’m going to help you be the hostess with the mostest AND make sure you avoid a #PinterestFail.

So, first up – get organised! Now I know this doesn’t sound much like crazy party fun but it’s worth it. Get household chores done a day or so before, stock up on kitchen supplies, loo roll and bin bags and start your prep with a clean kitchen so clear those worktops and empty the dishwasher before you start!

Plan a simple menu. You’ll find delicious and unbelievably easy recipes in Creative Christmas Entertaining and a laid back menu is great for everyone. Also, think drink – mix a big batch of cocktails and mocktails (I love pimping my Prosecco with juices and syrups) and then set up a drinks station with plenty of glasses and ice. This way, you won’t be stuck playing wine waiter all evening!

Festive Entertaining from Pudding Bridge - Image by Capture by Lucy


Prep your house too – lay the table early and sort out your playlist. If you’re following the ace craft tutorials in Creative Christmas Entertaining Made Easy, give yourself plenty of time and enjoy the escapism! Failing that, opt for decorations that give you a big impact with the lowest effort! Showstopping accessories like my sequin table runners transform dinners and big garlands, honeycomb balls and giant balloons are easy to source and great to use.

Festive Entertaining from Pudding Bridge - Image by Capture by Lucy


Then it’s time to get dressed and get partying! Don’t forget to lower the lights and enjoy the intimate, relaxed feel of cosy fairy lights and candles with your nearest and dearest. Remember that you’re hosting this bash because you want to celebrate with people you love. Don’t worry if the loo roll runs out or someone has to re-use a glass – what matters is that you’re a relaxed host who’s got it all under control!

Festive Entertaining from Pudding Bridge - Image by Capture by Lucy


All of the images that accompany this article feature crafts and ideas taken from Creative Christmas Entertaining Made Easy. This bulging tutorial pack is currently available via Groupon with a massive 75% saving so you can get everything you need for fab Christmas parties for just £16. You’ll also find my sequin table runners and Christmas craft kits in my Not On The High Street Store.

Have an amazing Christmas and a wonderful 2016.


Helen x

Festive Entertaining from Pudding Bridge - Image by Capture by Lucy


Table Design & Styling featuring products & crafts from Creative Christmas Entertaining Made Easy: Pudding Bridge | Photography: Capture by Lucy


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